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The Great American Roadtrip

On Desk

Good afternoon!

The literary feast of the year is nearly finished cooked! As we speak my publisher and I are going back and forth over the final tweaks to the cover of THE CRANE AND THE WOLF! (emphasis my own). You are APPETIZINGLY CLOSE to devouring a fantasy bake off with a werewolf as a judge! Preorders should be available in the next bubblephone!

We recorded the first few episodes of Mesa Segura, and I gotta, say, it’s sounding pretty good! We did have one cast member drop out, but fortunately our actors are better connected then our producer or yours truly, and knew someone who he thought would be perfect for the role! We should knock out the first three episodes next Sunday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m putting some scripts up on my patreon this week. Check it out!

Personal Note


About a month ago, we went to look at a house. I loved the land, my wife hated the building, so we didn’t buy it… BUT on the way home we stopped and checked out some camper trailers. It took us about a month but… we finally bought a 30-foot-long RV and a truck to tow it!

My wife is never one to settle for anything, so we are not going to be just camping in this thing… we’re going to be living and working out of it while we try to see as many national parks (and BIRDS!) as we can before our oldest son starts Kindergarten in a year! I believe the term for this particular type of millennial action is ‘digital nomad.’ Please feel free to roast me.

The RV parked in our driveway as we speak, taking up entirely too much room while we try to find someone to rent our house for a year so we can go on this crazy (and totally out of left field) adventure!

I’m definitely going to be writing about, and there will be links to everything we do, pictures we take, and what yours truly thinks about all of it in the bubblephone! find out more on Instagram @QuestandVenture

Bird of the Week

The purple martins are starting to gather for their annual southern migration. These birds form massive flocks of hundreds of thousands of individuals that for some reason all try to sleep in the same tree or two every night for a few weeks.

I’ve seen this behavior many times, but this was the first year I’ve noticed purple martins gathering in smaller flocks in the evenings leading up to the big migration. My parents had my son and I over for dinner and we watched a couple hundred purple martins flock and gather on the top of a giant piece of netting to stop stray golfballs. My dad said they’ve been gathering in greater and greater numbers, but I came a night to late, and most of them had vanished (I assume) to go and join the much larger flock at Capital Plaza.

If you’re in the Austin area, consider going to Capital Plaza around 8pm some time in the next two weeks. Wear a hat, look to the skies, and prepare to be amazed!

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