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The Bomb

On Desk

Work has been moving apace on the Crane and the Wolf! I’m over halfway done with revisions thanks to an app called Habitica that give me the experience to do chores. It’s like an RPG for real life and I LOVE IT. I’ve been shooting for a chapter a day, and have been keeping slightly ahead of that pace. We’re looking at a mid-August publishing date! Check back here to know when preorders are available for a fantasy bake-off with a werewolf for a judge!

We had our first recording session for Mesa Segura, and it went pretty well! All the cast from Interstellar Sunrise is back on this project, and it was really nice to catch up and see everyone after almost two years! That catching up did affect our productivity, but we were able to make some progress all the same! We mostly focused on character work, and I’d like to think we’re all on the same page moving forward.

Personal Note

Summer is here and we’ve finally gotten to go swimming!

My 1.5 year old NEVER swam last year, thanks to the stinkin’ buttcrack Coronavirus, but that didn’t seem to matter. He LOVES the water, maybe too much! He loves to toddle up to the edge of the pool and fall into daddy’s arms in the water. Is this a safety concern? Oh yes. Am I—a former lifeguard—willing to deal with it? OH YEAH!!!

My older son missed a year of pool-play too, but he’s more than willing to shed his puddle jumper and scoot along the walls like a ‘frogfish with jet propulsion.’

I too spent a year away from the pool, and just like them, some of my skills aren’t where they should be.

For example: we met some friends at the pool the other day. They were reading right next to the water… perfect for being splashed by a massive cannonball/jackknife (the bomb) that I learned how to dial in from working at public pools in ATX.

I told them this, and of my fearsome accuracy.

‘Yeah right,’ they said.

I really want to bomb you guys though. You’re in the perfect spot.

‘Whatever dude, go for it.’ Maybe their eyerolls meant that there was in fact not consent?

My pool skills being atrophied… I bombed the crap out of them. It was a direct hit, and soaked them through. At least their books didn’t get wet.

Ha ha.

Right, Anakin? Right?

Bird of the Week

Ain’t no birds to be seen in June.

Well, that’s never true.

I took the abandoned wren nest inside to cherish as an artifact only for the wrens to build ANOTHER nest in the exact same spot! They laid five more eggs and last time I checked three of them already hatched! Go birbs!

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