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Ready to raise a human

On Desk

Hey all! I've been putting the finishing touches on Book 5 of A Crown of Cobwebs and I think its finally ready for copyeditor. Woot! Now just for some developmental edits in book 4 (tentatively titled THE VEGAN OF VENGEANCE!), copyedits and then this thing will be headed your way! I'm really proud of this book and super thankful to everyone who purchased a sneak peak at the Texas Book Festival or Wizard World. I know its been taking some time, but these developmental edits are making it into something you are going to LOVE! 

Also exciting, I've been listening to Interstellar Sunrise! I've already heard episodes 1-4 and let me tell you, the cast and editing transformed this thing into something far more amazing than the script I wrote. I was afraid of collaboration for so long, and I'm so glad to have taken the chance and make this thing! Gonna be lit! Only two episodes to go, then we'll try to start getting it out there! 

Personal Note

We are so close to having a new member in our family and we're all excited and terrified! My wife is ready for this baby to come on out and join us and my son has taken to asking the baby when he's coming out through Raquel's bellybutton. It's pretty dern cute.

The last time we had a baby, the first three months were hella-hard for us. We sunk into the abyss of baby land, which can be an isolating, paralyzing place of insomnia and self-doubt. We lost friends who didn't like being around babies, and learned that we'd squandered our freedom before we knew how sweet it was! (folks out there without children, enjoy your freedom and hug your mom if you can!) Another new dad told me this week that he'd never realized how selfish he'd been until he had a kid, and now it was all gone. I gotta say, I feel ya fellow father. 

I don't think our life will change so dramatically this time, because we have a three year old to manage. We can't simply let the world fall away because our son won't allow us to! Just know if you don't hear from me as often, I'm working-working-working on raising a human, and will let you know when I'm back to working on words for you as soon as I can! Sleep is an essential part of my creative process, and it might be sorely lacking quite soon! Maybe not! No one knows! 

Money is not sleep, but it still helps! See doodles on Even a $1/month is so rad! 

Bird of the week:  We had an awesome time exploring a retention pond we call Bullfrog pond. I was looking for a Sora, but the highlight was a trio of hooded mergansers and a bunch of American coots that my son calls "bull-head ducks." We're definitely savoring every day with the baby being just around the corner! Hug your mamas and your daddies!  

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