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Inca Doves be cute, yo

Personal Note

We are leaving Travis County for the first time this entire year! (Actually, while you’re reading this, I’m already gone). It’s been odd (understatement alert) to be stuck home, but wow has it done wonders for my bird list! I’m up to 173 different species in Travis County this year. 3 more to break my record! I’m moved up the 68th position on the Travis county all time bird-nerd leaderboards (nobody calls them leaderboards but me).

We’ll be just over an hour away, spending the night in a lil’ cabin on a lake. I am excited for new birds but strangely annoyed that none will add to my Travis County total despite it being a such a short trip.

Bird of the Week

We were walking in the park when my darling wife bent over and pointed underneath a bush. “Is that and Inca Dove?” She asked, and indeed it was!

Inca doves are smallish, beautiful that look like they’re trying to camouflage with either the desert or feathered dinosaurs. Their feathers have a black and brown scaly pattern that is both adorable and striking.

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