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Give Blood and Buy Books

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If you are an ebook reader/user/consumer, get you a copy right now!

Pre-orders are great because you HELP AUTHORS SO MUCH when you do it, but then, when the book comes out on July 1st, you’re just like, whoa, I got a new book. This is seriously radical. So why wait? Get you A COPY RIGHT NOW! Your future self will thank you.

A Crown of Cobwebs is a totally immersive and strangely hilarious tale about four friends trying to find their place in a seriously strange land. It has a kraken made up of a thousand sea creatures, a horde of hungry skeletons, a serious big eh of a father in law and IS SO MUCH FUN!

Still not sure? Download a free copy of the first part for free!

I’ve been tinkering with some other things too, but A Crown of Cobwebs is so good that I’ve been spending all my free time on social media to promote it *gulp*

I want a hundred thousand people read to it! In July! Yeah!

Personal Note

I gave blood yesterday while my wife took my son to the doctor to get shots. Neither of us enjoyed the process. I’ve given a gallon of blood via an apheresis machine (not all at once!) and I grew to dislike the device so much that I stopped donating for years. I started up again recently and gave a regular pint. I hardly felt it (I’m over six feet and my physique could be described as a hairy barrel) but wow does that apheresis thing drain me. I felt weak and lethargic all afternoon, just when my poor baby needed his daddy to carry his fat butt around the most!

I started donating again because of my baby, actually. We were in the hospital with our twelve-hour old son, and his bilirubin levels were rising. If they got to serious, they were going to take him to the NICU, where are first son spent the first week of his life (the hardest week of my life). I swore to the powers that be that if we could take our baby home I’d donate twice a year, every year. His bilirubin dropped and we got to take him home, so I have to hold up my bargain with the universe et large and the medical industry more specifically so long as I have enough blood in my veins.

Fortunately, our commitment to society is done for now (vaccines help others, remember, not just the vaccinated) and we’re both feeling much better today!

I had given up on doing the apheresis machine because I personally don’t like the feel, but the receptionist at the blood bank eye’s lit up when I told them my blood type. Apparently, A+ is in short supply here in Austin due to lack of donations during the pandemic, hence, the machine. But the fella taking my blood told me that A+ is rarely out of stock, so I shouldn’t have to bother with the apheresis machine again. And I did my duty for the year so yay!

Bird of the Week

We went on a walk the other day and my three-year-old son (“I’m three-plus, Daddy”) was the first person to spot a black chinned hummingbird! He heard it, pointed it out to me, “Look Daddy, a hummingbird!” I was SO PROUD! Is this how athletes feel when their kid scores a touchdown?

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