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Black Lives Matter

On Desk

I've been going back and forth with Lisa from Indies United on putting the final final touches on A Crown of Cobwebs! I absolutely love the look and feel of this book, and am so excited that, for the first time ever I willl be publishing this in hardback! We'll have paperback and ebook too, of course, but I am personally beyond excited to sign and doodle in hardbacked tomes of my own fantasy saga! So CoOl! What's A Crown of Cobwebs you ask? Well, why not click this link and download the first part of A Crown of Cobwebs, An Engagement of Abominations right now, for free! Get salivating! Only ten copies!! Get you one!!!! Pre-orders for the big ol' five part series will start next week! Also, here's a link to listen to Interstellar Sunrise, because its all out there for your ears to binge and its sooooo gooooood and I hope you love it!

Personal Note

We've hit a pleasant enough stride with family life. Raising two young humans and editing takes up all my time though, so going to keep this brief! As if the world wasn't screwed enough, it's been devastating to watch another example of racist police brutality in this nation. One of my first experiences with racism was hiding under the bed in my house in Detroit, while a bunch of drunk, armed white people surrounded our house and asked us to turn over the black person that we were hiding (they didn't say black person, obviously). I was three or four. We fled our home because a bunch of shithead racists thought we had a black person inside. If we were black, we would have been murdered. FUCK THIS NOISE. Please take a moment to think how you can help dismantle this racist bullshit. Call your city council representative about de-funding the police (In our city, I see new models of police cruisers every other year. Is that necessary??) donate money to an organization that can help your community, or safely attend a protest. Also, if you disagree with me about racism being a systemic problem in the USA, don't just tell me to screw off and unsubscribe from this newsletter. Instead, let's talk about that!! You tell me how I'm getting it wrong about police brutality and I will listen. Political discourse has been reduced to ignoring conflicting viewpoints, so if you think I'm being some PC activist or whatever, please let me know so we can try to see each other's viewpoint more clearly than cable news would like us too. Bird of the week: I saw a tree swallow. It was a brief look but a look all the same. Got to go and finish publishing this book! Pre-orders should start next time I talk to you!!!!!

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