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Preparing for Life Away from Austin

On Desk

Hi! It’s nice to talk to you and um, well…

On August 18th enter the Crane’s Kitchen as not quite fearless bakers compete to make a cake good enough to stop a werewolf from hungering for flesh!

Will Opal’s bread rise to the occasion? Will Boffo’s macaroons crack in the heat? Will Carmen finally stop using too much cinnamon and drowning out her fresh fruit flavors? Will the Wolf be satiated? Will you? You will!

Order TODAY because pre-orders are ridiculously important to writers in 2021! Also, they’ll pop your paperback in the mail faster that way, or deliver the ebook THAT VERY MORNING!!!

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Alright, so enough about that.

I worked with Digital Rex Felix Productions to record the first three episodes of our forthcoming post-apocalyptic western! It’s SO GOOD y’all! It’s gonna be a wait on this one, I tell ya what. In the meantime, Check out my Patreon to read the scripts!

I really want to write more for y'all, and Patreon is the way to make it happen! As most of you know, I work as a ghostwriter to pay my bills. That means on top of everything I write for y'all (at least a novel a year, plus an audio drama) I also write 20,000 words that I can't even tell you about! Every. Single. Week. If I could find a way to make just $1000 a month from my own work, it would free me up to quit my proverbial day job (I'd take the paycut for you!). That means 20,000 words, from my heart to yours. Every! Single! Weeeeekk! Doesn't that sound more fun? I certainly think so! And you can help! Become my patron at the $1 or better yet the $5 level or did I mention my novel was available for preorder?

Personal Note

August 26th.

That’s the day we launch.

August 26th

Is the day we load up all (some) of our worldly possessions and leave our house in Austin, Texas behind forever (for a year, plus we’ll be home in Central Texas in December)

August 26th

The day it all changes forever (Not forever).

I am so excited to get on the road but there’s still so much we need to do even though it feels like we’ve already done so much. In preparation for our trip across the country we have:

Leased a truck (they’ll give me the title eventually. They promised)

Bought an RV

Found someone to rent our house

Watched youtube videos

Watched more youtube videos

Studied maps

Made reservations

Broken down my aquaponics system

Taken boxes and boxes to Goodwill

Get mobile internet

Looked at satellite images of Hoosier National forest

And a whole lot more!

I’ll be writing about our adventures, and will be sending y’all links here!

Bird of the Week

A pair of hummingbirds have been frequenting the Texas mallow I’ve planted in the front yard. They buzz and flit about between sips of nectar.

One of my absolute favorite feelings is the sense of satisfaction that comes from providing for wild creatures with plants that I have planted. Since we planted our front garden, we’ve noticed a huge uptick in the number of butterflies on our property, not to mention grasshoppers and toads. I find it absolutely amazing that all it took was planting a few native flowering plants and shrubs, and within a year, tons of animals moved in. I’d love to see the world in which wildlife habitat was chosen over the sterile, over mowed grass that no one uses anyway.

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