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News From the Bubblephone, 2020!

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! Late last year, my wife delivered a new baby boy, and time was tight! But I’m back with a new year of determination so let’s do this! One resolution: post these bubblephones on my website.

On Desk

Somehow, amidst all the chaos and diapers and lack of sleep, I FINALLY FINISHED REVISING A CROWN OF COBWEBS! I even managed to send it off to my copyeditor. Once I get that back, it just needs those final adjustments, then it’s off to the presses. I really appreciate everyone’s patience on this project. I wanted to get it out months ago, but new babies and pregnant ladies made it trickier than I anticipated.

I’m also going to **try** to do an audiobook of A Crown of Cobwebs. I consistently get asked about audiobooks, and I’d love to make one for this book. I’ve played D&D for years and was an elementary school teacher for five years (Happily retired, now!) so I like reading aloud and doing character voices, so I think I can do this one. Just need that precious quiet time.

Interstellar Sunrise is SOOO CLOOOSE to being done! I’ve listened to five of the six episodes and they are great! One more to go, then we have to figure out distribution for this radical podcast. Stay tuned!

I’ve outlined my next project, and loaded it up all fancy-like into Scrivener which means I will start on it… soon. More to come on that! It’s about a magical bake off.

Personal Note

It was amazing to welcome another life onto our planet, and a bit of a roller coaster. My darling wife woke me up at 11pm to tell me she was having contractions, and by 2 AM she’d already given birth to our son! He had a bit of jaundice, so we spent three days in the hospital, but have been home and happy since. So far, he likes drinking milk, sleeping on top of people, and that’s about it. In other words he’s a healthy little mammal!

Our older son has been AMAZING with his new little brother. He was a little stressed the first week, but all the “I-hate-you’s” were directed at Daddy, which I can take, honestly. He’s in the throws of being three years old, and emotions are hard. Glad he vents them on me instead his brother. Furthermore, I have finally gotten the little lion to eat beans by telling him of the Saiyan warrior Goku, who eats beans. When my son tries to wrestle me, I normally let him knock me around but now I don’t’ budge an inch unless he’s eaten his beans or vegetables. Its working. After failing to knock me down for five minutes, he demanded beans, devoured them, and then discovered his new-found chi power! Kids are fun.

I also haven’t talked much about this, but I love you, so let’s get honest. This last year I worked as a ghost writer and I loved it. That means I wrote 20,000 words (yeah, twenty thousand!) a week based on someone else’s outline. In 2019, I wrote fourteen novels! (or six novellas and eight novels, depending on how you count). It’s a great job, though would still be impossible for me to support a family without my amazing wife and her rad tech job.

I really liked getting paid to write fiction every day and realized that I can write a lot if I have the time. I’m going to keep ghostwriting this year, at least until I have a successful book launch of my own work, so when A Crown of Cobwebs is up for pre-orders, help me out by getting one! I’d love to produce more content for you, and apparently can produce 1,000,000 (yeah, a million, that’s ten Harry Potters).

So, if you’re into my work, consider becoming a patron on Patreon: new year’s resolution is to doodle once a week for you lovely patrons. You can also leave me a review somewhere like Goodreads! All these things help! Yeah! Alright! Shameless plug is over! OK Then! There should be links! There's not yet, because interneting is hard when you have small children and write lots! Sign up for my newsletter for the links.

Bird of the Week

This week I saw a burrowing owl! There’s a construction sight near one of my regular birding haunts and it appears that construction workers piled up all of the stones they found in the field before plowing it. Apparently, this owl thought it looked like a great little spot, for some birders saw it sitting atop the pile of rocks, watching the world go by. There’s no saying how long it will be there (I can’t imagine living in the middle of a construction zone is particularly enjoyable) but maybe it will adapt and have babies that evolve to like the sound of bulldozers and burrowing owls will take over every stretch of construction in Austin. One can dream…

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