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Interstellar Spring is my new favorite podcast

Two great pieces of news to share today! Number one is that episode 4 of Interstellar Sunrise is out! Click here to listen! I absolutely love this episode for a lot of reasons. The sound design is killer. Pay attention to the insects, as they’re a huge clue to what’s going on, but you’ll forget about them when you start hearing a continental plate being punched through by a machine. Seriously, y’all, Flavio nailed this episode’s sound effects. I hope you like them! But my favorite part about this episode is a scene between Roman and Farah.

It’s a scene that kind of had to happen, as it explains how these two people who pretty much hate each other can stomach working together. I was nervous about it, because its important to both their character arcs and the plot as a whole. I didn’t need to worry though, the acting just blew me away. They took this tough scene and just absolutely nailed it. Seriously, give it a listen.

In other news A CROWN OF COBWEBS IS OFFICIALLY DONE! I finished my final revision! YaYaYaYaY! That means I just need to get it properly formatted, then uploaded and we’re off to the digital presses! Now begins the tricky part of marketing in a time when I can’t go to conventions, but people have bigger problems so I’m not complaining too much.

I’ll let y’all know when sales/deals/preorders and all that is ready to go!

Personal Note

Oh, wow two kids, two parents and two jobs is hard, y’all. We’re just thankful when we only get woken up three times at night. I remember thinking that the first three months was awful, and the first six were pretty bad, so looking forward to June 3rd and some levels up!

Bird of the Week

I went to Oak Springs, a pond near an elementary school I used to teach at. My son, my mom and I had a wonderful romp through tall grass. Gigi looked at flowers, I looked at birds, and my son looked at bugs. It was a great time.

I saw a yellow crowned night heron who used to live in the willow over there, and it felt like seeing an old friend. Based on ebird data, I’ve seen more bird species at this pond than any other person in the world. My closest competitors must be my former students. Still, I saw some new faces, like a clay colored sparrow that kept flitting from one blade of grass to another, urging us to follow ever deeper into this urban swamp. Or maybe it was trying to escape the three-year-old.

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