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ON Desk

I’ve been hard at work recording the audio version for A Crown of Cobwebs. It’s been going well and I really enjoy it but it is definitely more of a time sink than I had anticipated. I was hoping to release A Crown of Cobwebs in early March, but I really want to finish recording the audio before I do, because it continues to be a great way to catch those little wording issues. Right now, I’m thinking early May.

I’m so sorry for the wait, but I’ve rushed to publish before, and that was a bad experience. I really want you to love this book, and when I’m done with it, I’m sure you will! I’ve recorded seven chapters of Book 1 as of now, and I put that here so the power of the internet will hold me accountable to getting these recordings done. *GULP!*

We are SO CLOSE to publishing Interstellar Sunrise, the podcast I’ve told you about so many times! At this point, I’m waiting for a podcaster’s meetup here in Austin on February 29th. I don’t want to rush to publish and miss our chance to hit as wide as audience as possible, so again, patience my pretties! I’m also considering trying to do a live reading of a few scenes at a release party at a local bookstore or something. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in attending if you’re here in Austin?

I’ve also started writing my next book… THE CRANE AND THE WOLF!!! (because I have problems with doing too much at once) It’s a fantasy bake off and my group of beta-readers are loving it so far! Gonna be a long time on this one, but hopefully sometime this year!

Personal Note

Being a father of two is taking up ALL MY TIME which can be stressful but is also the kind of dad I want to be, so there it is. Our eldest continues to grow and learn to cope with his emotions. “NO DADDY DON’T HELP ME!” seems to be a very popular phrase right now. I love the sentiment, but hoo-boy there are things he needs help with. Although he can now get himself dressed, and wakes up an hour before mom and dad and looks at book and places by himself until it’s 6 am (which he can read on an analog clock) at which point he wakes me up. My wife says he’s too young to show him how to turn on the coffeemaker for daddy, but I’m not so sure.

Our youngest is a GIANT BABY! We took him to his eight week doctor appointment and he is literally off the charts. His height is above the 99th percentile, same with his giant head, and his weight is in the 75th. He’s already 14 pounds, which is only one pound away from doubling his birth weight at nine weeks!

I am currently reading a book about dragons (His Majesty’s Dragon, by Naomi Novik, a ton of fun!) where they feed dragons entire cows and sheep. I can’t help but think that lies in our future with these two giant boys.

Bird of the Week

I’ve seen one before, but this week my son and I saw an Egyptian Goose just honking away on top of a boat house at Commons Ford. I have no idea who the bird was bugling for, but it was a weird sound from a weird bird and I like weird things so there you go.

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