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A new project begins! (and hopefully finishes)

ON Desk

I took this week off from ghostwriting so I could work on my own project. It’s called The Crane and The Wolf and is basically a fantasy version of the Great British Bake Off but instead of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry it’s a werewolf and an elf who bakes so exquisitely she can stop him from transforming.

Honestly, it was pretty difficult to get started. I’m used to following someone else’s outline and writing as fast as possible to make my weekly ghostwriting deadline. For this project, I want every detail to enhance each scene. I want every character to be perfectly consistent. With ghostwriting, someone else checks that stuff. But I finally managed to turn off my editor’s brain and have picked up the pace. I hope to be done with this novella by Sunday! I’m on pace to do just that!

A Crown of Cobwebs is out and sales have been uh… well let’s just say I knew this was going to be a tough year for me without conventions, sales-wise. Its like I discovered this author superpower: I love meeting new people. And then Covid-19 shut down all events, kryptonite to my chatty superman. Get you one.

Ah well. When I’m back at conventions, I hope to have a table covered in stuff.

Stuff like my podcast Interstellar Sunrise which if you haven’t listened to yet, you crazy. It’s excellent, so excellent, and its free to listen!

Personal Note

Definitely bummed that the pools are closed here in Austin, TX. The plan or today is to hose down a drop cloth that is absolutely filthy and unfit to bring in the house, even just to catch paint. Hoping this will buy me like 30+ minutes with the three year old (he’s due for a good hose-down)

Bird of the Week

I took my son to our favorite retention pond, where we saw a beautiful tricolored heron sitting on a bush. It had a dark, rusty red neck, a blue body the color of a Texas sunset made hazy by Saharan dust, and a white belly. My son couldn’t see it so I got real close so show him and we flushed the bird. Off it flew, to land on the other side of the pond where it continue to preen in relative peace.

This brings me to 251 birds seen in Travis county.

I am now #78 nerdiest birder in Travis County

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