‚ÄčThe High Preistess of the Spire says the world has been lost. Nothing is strong enough to survive the Scourge, except for the Spire it's self and The Wild Man. A half beast, half man who haunts the surface. Thank Nature for the Spire! Only the young pilots can visit the surface, and only through the eyes of their powerful evanimals.

The Hermit of the Hunter's tribe tells of The Hidden that live high in the sky with awsome powers. But the Hunter does not believe the hermit's stories. How could anyone control lions bigger than a man, or the invulnerable prongelk? How could anyone make the clouds bleed lightning?

When the young hunter breaks his people's tradition, he comes face to face with the Hidden of legend. Skup and Urea, teenage darlings of the Spire, are forced to use their computer-controlled animals to fight against the legend they were taught to fear. Is the Hunter the Wild Man?

The Wild Man is an action packed adventure told from both the heavens and the earth that reminds us Nature bows to no one, and that legends big and small hold hidden truths.

Discover The Wild Lands

Listen children, as I tell of the greatest hunter to ever feed death to the earth's hungry belly.



Skup and Urea are so gifted with the Virtual Reality chips implanted in their brains that they can control the evanimals that live below them on the surface of the earth. But when they destroy the home of the Wild Man, their corrupt religious leaders force the teens to fight the myth they were raised to fear.