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J Darris Mitchell

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Interstellar Spring

Monsters evolved on the terraformed worlds.
Meet the people who study them.


J. Darris Mitchell is a native of Austin, TX who is obsessed with bringing biodiversity back to the city. He lives with his darling wife, his two amazing sons who totally kick his butt every day, a flock of chickens who need to start laying if they want to stay out of the soup pot, a hand built aquaponics system that only leaks some of the time, the world's laziest cat (no joke), and a backyard brimming with wildflowers and native birds. 
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"Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken."

Frank Herbert, Dune

Past travel blogs

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My darling wife, a stuffed bear and I intrepidly travelled through Europe on a shoe-string budget. 
Goats were milked, trains were missed, and former brothels were slept in. 
Rest assured shenanigans transpired in at least six countries.

The Bearded Kaiju chronicles my year as an english teacher in Hida-Takayama. I participated in bizarre festivals, and underwent surgery in a wild mountain town.
If you have ever wanted to teach abroad or explore Japan's hidden countryside this is the blog for you.


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